Los Angeles Mayor’s Fund Board


Exciting news to share! Our exceptional CEO, Stephanie Graves, recently participated in a noteworthy gathering with the LA Mayor's Fund Board over the weekend, where she had the privilege of engaging in discussions with none other than LA Mayor Karen Bass.

The meeting centered around crucial topics that directly address the well-being of Angelenos, focusing on preventing homelessness and strategically investing in our most vulnerable communities.

Stephanie Graves brought her insightful perspective and leadership to the table, contributing to conversations that aim to make a significant impact on the lives of individuals and families in Los Angeles.

The commitment to preventing home displacement and channeling resources into underserved communities aligns seamlessly with our values at the Lee Andrews Group. We are immensely proud to have a CEO who actively participates in initiatives that go beyond business success and contribute to the betterment of society.

Being part of such impactful initiatives reinforces our dedication to social responsibility and community welfare. It is a testament to our collective efforts to make a positive difference in the areas where we live and work. We look forward to continuing our involvement in initiatives that create meaningful change and are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with influential leaders like Mayor Karen Bass to address pressing issues in our community.

Together, we can build a more resilient and supportive future for all of Los Angeles.

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