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Founded 1993
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Who we are

We have been the premier public relations firm in Southern California for more than 29 years, and we provide our clients with strategic advice due to long standing history and relationships in and around California.

Integrated Approach 

Winning in California often requires an integrated approach. Lee Andrews Group is the only firm that combines government relations, public relations and media campaigns. Our experienced professionals expertly manage the projects, handle the media and public relations, and government programs. We have a forward-thinking approach, integrating our resources and expertise, and engaging traditional and new digital communication channels. 

California Focused 

We know California through and through. We have built coalitions statewide, and managed public affairs programs in local communities north and south, coastal and inland. We know the triggers of different regions of the state. We understand statewide priorities and what motivates stakeholders. Our deep understanding and our focus on California and lets us think strategically and creatively as we focus on our clients’ goals.

Research Oriented, Solution Minded 

Lee Andrews Group dives deep into our client’s business and the issues that impact their future. Having a full grasp of the challenges and opportunities means we devise the best long-term solutions. 

Big Team, Boutique Service 

We are one of the top public affairs firms in California, but we treat all of our clients and projects as a priority, ensuring they get the attention and dedication needed to get the job done. Our clients include Fortune 500 corporations, local governments, state agencies, non-profits and small businesses.