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Director of Multicultural Affairs - Edna Degollado

Edna Degollado
Executive Director of
Multicultural Affairs

Edna Degollado is a bilingual Executive Director of Multicultural Affairs at Lee Andrews Group, holding a senior leadership position. In her role, she specializes in creating impactful and culturally relevant advertising, marketing, and communications campaigns targeted towards ethnic markets. Edna collaborates with clients, media outlets, community-based organizations, and diverse communities to deliver outstanding results.

Edna's responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks, including public affairs, public relations, and business development. She is instrumental in developing and implementing comprehensive community affairs strategies that engage and influence key multicultural stakeholders.

Additionally, she is responsible for devising Spanish media strategies for various projects, drafting press releases, and overseeing media planning and buying.

Edna excels at effectively communicating with different demographics through advertising, marketing, and communications that are tailored to their specific language and culture. Her expertise lies in creating connections and resonating with multicultural groups through in-language and in-culture approaches. Overall, Edna Degollado plays a vital role in the Lee Andrews Group, ensuring the development and execution of successful campaigns that cater to diverse audiences and foster meaningful connections within multicultural communities.

She graduated from University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, and Bachelor of Arts in Communications.