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Director of Communications- Rick Garcia

Rick Garcia
Director of Communications

Rick Garcia is the esteemed Director of Communications at Lee Andrews Group, where he brings his extensive expertise and remarkable background to the organization. In his multifaceted role, he oversees various critical aspects of communication, including video production from script writing to post-production. His keen eye for detail and creative vision ensures the creation of captivating and impactful videos that effectively convey clients message.

Additionally, Mr. Garcia excels at connecting the organization with journalists, leveraging his extensive network and media relations expertise. By fostering strong relationships with key media representatives, he ensures that the firm's stories and messages receive optimal coverage and reach the desired audience.

Rick's dynamic skill set extends beyond video production and media relations. He also assumes the role of emcee at client events, adding a touch of professionalism and ensuring seamless coordination to deliver an exceptional experience.

Furthermore, his involvement in working at a high level with clients showcases his ability to build strong partnerships, understand their unique needs, and deliver customized communication strategies that drive success. Before joining Lee Andrews Group, Rick Garcia enjoyed a stellar career as an award-winning broadcaster for over 30 years. His contributions as a news anchor at KCBS-TV and KCOP-TV, along with his role as a sports anchor/executive sports producer at KTTV, earned him multiple Emmy awards.