Director of Communications- Rick Garcia

Rick Garcia
Director of Communications

At the helm of Lee Andrews Group's communication initiatives stands Rick Garcia, a distinguished figure in the world of media and communications. With a career spanning over three decades, Rick has become a household name in Los Angeles County, recognized for his dynamic presence on local TV networks. His tenure as a journalist and news anchor has endowed him with unparalleled expertise and a unique perspective that he now brings to Lee Andrews Group.

As Director of Communications, Rick steers a wide array of communication programs from messaging, content development across platforms and execution of video productions.

Beyond internal machinations, Rick's flair for public speaking sees him as the go-to emcee for a plethora of events, from the inception of groundbreaking projects to leading symposia, workshops, and facilitating high-level meetings. Further he pilots the Lee Andrews Group’s podcast, "The Idea People," engaging with a diverse spectrum of guests including clients, policymakers, innovators, writers, and artists.

Before his current chapter at Lee Andrews Group, Rick Garcia's tenure in broadcasting was nothing short of exemplary. His roles at KCBS-TV and KCOP-TV, complemented by his expertise as a sports anchor and executive sports producer at KTTV, have been recognized with multiple Emmy™ awards, cementing his legacy as a figure in the broadcast industry. Additionally, Rick’s most notable IMDb credits are: Nightcrawler, 24, The Shield, The X-Files, Collateral Damage, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Michael Jordan-An American Hero, Volcano, The American President and Fletch.