Lee Andrews Group President & CEO - Stephanie Graves

President & CEO
Stephanie Graves

Stephanie Graves is CEO of the Lee Andrews Group. She is widely recognized as the go-to person in the realm of communications, marketing, and brand development. Her leadership skills and expertise have propelled her to the forefront of public relations.

Since taking over as Lee Andrews Group’s in 2013, Stephanie has led the firm through double-digit annual growth, and solidified the firm’s reputation as a creative communications pioneer.  With a deep understanding of effective communication strategies and ability to connect with diverse audiences, earning her reputation as able to lean into the human aspect and foster meaningful dialogue, Stephanie Graves excels in crafting messages that resonate on a personal level, bridging gaps and building community consensus.

In 2023 Stephanie was featured in Forbes magazine highlighting her commitment to paving the way for future leaders, and her proficiency in leveraging cultural insights and securing impactful results in the multifaceted landscape of public relations.

Also, in 2023, Stephanie's excellence was recognized with a Stevie Awards for Communications or PR Campaign of the Year, International Business Award in Community Engagement, and Developing and Promoting Women. Further, her dedication to excellence, diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and community engagement was celebrated with Los Angeles Prism Awards, highlighting her role as a transformative leader and a staunch advocate for environmental issues and social justice.

Stephanie sits on the Board of the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles, a nonprofit that supports initiatives to address the city of Los Angeles’ most crucial problems, the Board of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and a Board Member of the Central City Association of Los Angeles.

Additionally, she serves as Chair of the Board to the Steinberg Institute, a Sacramento-based nonprofit public policy institute dedicated to advancing public policy on issues of mental health and substance abuse. Her education includes a B.A. and J.D. from the University of Southern California.

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