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Lee Andrews Group

Lee Andrews Group a Los Angeles-based public affairs firm and full-scale communications firm that specializes in public outreach, government relations, strategic planning, media relations and crisis communications. The firm is recognized as one of Southern California’s leading minority- and women-owned small businesses. Lee Andrews Group serves various industries including local municipalities, transportation, infrastructure, government agencies, environmental agencies, school districts/facilities, and real estate development. The firm has nearly three decades of experience and knowledge in Los Angeles County. Lee Andrews Group has the ability to navigate political environments and differing agendas while working with various levels of management, including cross-functional teams and leadership.

With over 35 employees, Lee Andrews Group ensures effective milestones are met while demonstrating innovation, creativity and effectiveness of approach in completing projects. The firm also provides virtual live-event streaming and video production for Webinars, conferences, workshops and scoping meetings.

Lee Andrews Group is certified SBE, DBE, WBE, VSBE and MBE.

Today’s communication landscape is more complicated than ever.

You need the right partner to lead you through the challenges your organization is facing in this global pandemic. We can provide a comprehensive strategy and be a trusted advisor to help guide the way.

Industries We Serve


Lee Andrews Group has extensive experience in the transportation arena, having worked with Metro since 1993, as well as currently on the Metro Communications bench as a qualified company. Our transportation practice also includes public agencies such as the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority,

Caltrans and the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority. Our practice provides construction and business outreach, community outreach + engagement, communications, on-site safety and education outreach, embedded staff, stakeholder engagement, event planning, street teams, polling, marketing, website and social media management and collateral materials. .


Lee Andrews Group has a strong airport and aviation practice with particular emphasis at Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), Ontario International Airport (ONT) and Long Beach Airport (LGB).

Our specialized practice provides a wide range of client services for airlines and project management/construction management support services including capital improvement projects, terminals, stakeholder liaison and outreach, inclusivity and diversity programs, event planning and meeting coordination and management.

Cities and Counties

Lee Andrews Group works with many cities and the County of Los Angeles. Lee Andrews Group is also on the bench with the City of Los Angeles for community outreach and engagement through the City Administrative Officer as a qualified company.

Our specialized scopes of work include public information officer, public hearing/scoping coordination, media relations, press releases, multi-lingual media outreach, speech writing, general plan update outreach, surveying, stakeholder communication and materials, construction outreach and engagement, social media and website management, door-to-door, event management and collateral material development.

Real Estate Development

Our team guides real estate development projects through the critical community and government relations stages of the entitlement process.

We provide a comprehensive outreach program specifically tailored to each client that is inclusive of a grassroots approach that involves presentations to stakeholders in small and large-group settings. We also coordinate canvassing efforts, garner support from communities and key stakeholders through support letters, organize site tours and provide the most relevant information that will not only educate local communities, but empower them to come out to support at hearings. Our team is prepared to implement a comprehensive outreach plan in bilingual settings.

School Districts

Lee Andrews Group provides outreach and communications efforts
for school construction bonds. We have also several on-site employees
in a range of construction management and project management support
service positions at school districts and community colleges from field engineers,
communications manager, administration and building information modeling.

Lee Andrews Group also develops and manages strategic communications
programs for facilities outreach by providing media relations, collateral
development, social media management and event planning.


Ports and port operations are complicated and political in nature.
Lee Andrews Group understands the inner workings of local ports
and the complicated political implications that local and national policies
have on port operations. We also understand the challenges and impacts
that local communities encounter as a result of the ports complex.

Lee Andrews Group provides a multitude of services to
local ports, including embedded public affairs liaison,
event planning and outreach.

Lee Andrews Group

Fully Certified

Lee Andrews Group works with many municipalities, state agencies, private business and developers. Lee Andrews Group is certified SBE, DBE, WBE, LBE and MBE.