On Thursday, September 28th, 2023, the Lee Andrews Group participated in the All People’s Community Center Gala, hosted at the Sheraton Hotel. This gala drew attendees from various South Los Angeles communities, underlining its inclusive reach. Notably, Lee Andrews Group played a significant role as a sponsor for this event. The involvement of Lee Andrews Group was further amplified through the participation of Ricardo Mendoza, a board member, and former staff member of the organization. Ricardo extended an invitation to Stephanie Graves to support this community-based organization (CBO), emphasizing the depth of support garnered for the gala

All People’s Community Center Gala

The event was characterized by an engaging atmosphere, largely due to the presence of a local comedian who added liveliness to the room. The chosen theme for the Gala, "Sowing the Seeds of Change," held special significance, as it served as a tribute to the retiring Executive Director, Saundra Bryant. Saundra Bryant was being honored for her remarkable 40-year tenure as the Executive Director, marking a significant milestone in her service to the organization.

Beyond a tribute, the Gala also functioned as a fundraiser for the All People’s Community Center, with a silent auction held both before the reception and during the dinner. The esteemed presence of City Councilmember Jan Perry further underscored the event's significance.

Alma took the opportunity to exchange words with Councilmember Perry during the dinner, reflecting the event's collaborative and community-focused spirit. Lee Andrews Group received notable recognition throughout the event, featuring prominently in the program's PowerPoint presentation and within the program itself. Additionally, the presence and support of Councilmember Curren Price’s office further underscored the appreciation for the remarkable work carried out by this community-based organization.

The event served as a testament to the power of collective efforts in celebrating and supporting the All People’s Community Center's invaluable contributions to South Los Angeles.



Lee andrews Group attending the All People’s Community
Center Gala in Los Angeles