Mobility 21

The 2023 Mobility 21 Southern California Transportation Summit, centered around the theme "Challenge of Change," unfolded on Friday, September 29, 2023, hosted at the Disneyland Hotel. The event served as a significant platform for Lee Andrews Group to connect with prominent transportation planning professionals in the region.

At the summit, our team was dedicated to making a substantial impact through our interactive presence.

The 2023 Mobility 21 Southern California Transportation Summit,To achieve this, we orchestrated an innovative booth designed to be engaging and enjoyable.

We introduced an interactive game that captivated the participation of over 200 attendees, promoting a vibrant atmosphere at the event.

Our primary objective was to ensure the event remained lively and interactive, and we achieved this goal with resounding success.

Through our creative approach, we not only left a lasting impression but also cultivated meaningful connections within the transportation planning community.

This experience was a testament to our expertise in public relations and event engagement, underscoring our ability to engage with and contribute meaningfully to the Mobility 21 Summit.