WJC Gala

The Western Justice Centre (WJC) recently held its annual gala, with the objective of driving positive change within the local community.

The Lee Andrews Group proudly sponsored this event, aligning their support with WJC's core mission of empowering Angeleno youth and fortifying communities.The WJC gala serves as a forum for individuals and organizations that share a common commitment to enhancing the future of Los Angeles.

The primary focus of this event centers on empowering Angeleno youth, who are perceived as catalysts for progress within their respective communities. WJC is dedicated to equipping these young individuals with the necessary skills and resources to effect long-lasting change. The Lee Andrews Group recognized the significance of WJC's mission in community empowerment and shared a belief in the pivotal role played by community-based organizations (CBOs) as facilitators of change.

By extending support to such organizations, both LAG and WJC expand their influence, ultimately fostering a sense of unity, cooperation, and shared responsibility within the community. Participants from diverse backgrounds came together to celebrate the potential of Angeleno youth and the community's collective strength.

As WJC continues its essential work in empowering young people and providing them with the skills necessary for shaping a better future, our support ensures that these initiatives reach a wider audience, impacting more individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting positive change

Lee Andrews Group Western Justice Centre (WJC) Awards