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Director of Multicultural Affairs - Edna Degollado

Edna Degollado
Bilingual Executive Director
of Multicultural Affairs

Position: Bilingual Executive Director of Multicultural Affairs

Responsibilities: Edna plays a pivotal role in driving the firm's multicultural marketing efforts. She recognizes the importance of understanding the nuanced differences in perception, motives, and beliefs among consumers from diverse cultural backgrounds. Edna excels in utilizing cultural norms from a variety of cultures to maximize exposure and awareness for products, projects, storytelling, and media campaigns.

With her unique cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary approach, Edna is at the forefront of developing insights-driven strategies that not only acknowledge cultural diversity but also actively harness it to drive consumer action. Her expertise lies in creating campaigns that resonate deeply with multicultural audiences, ensuring that messaging is not just relevant but genuinely meaningful. Edna's leadership in this area enhances the firm's ability to connect with and engage diverse demographics, ultimately leading to greater impact and success in the multicultural market.

In addition to her skills in multicultural marketing, Edna continues to excel in all facets of her role, from people management and business development to budget management. She manages projects and consistently driving public relations, public affairs, media, and social media programs to achieve exceptional results.


  • Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Communications: University of California, San Diego