Account Executive - Natalie Mansergh

Natalie Mansergh
Account Executive

Responsibilities: Natalie brings a wealth of expertise in communications of public relations, advertising, branding, and crisis communications focusing within the education sector.

As a seasoned project manager, Natalie leads statewide educational campaigns that span a diverse spectrum. Her portfolio ranges from driving environmental justice campaigns in K-12 settings to managing comprehensive public relations initiatives for school districts. Natalie's dedication extends to conducting hands-on workshops in classrooms, enhancing the educational experience and fostering meaningful connections with students and educators.

Natalie's role is not limited to just project management; she excels in the execution of awareness and product launch programs. Her responsibilities encompass media materials, spokesperson briefings, social media content, and reporting. Additionally, Natalie is instrumental in developing comprehensive communication plans, conducting research, crafting targeted messaging, analyzing audiences, and overseeing timeline development.

Furthermore, Natalie is highly skilled in digital and social advertising, actively participating in the development and optimization of campaigns in collaboration with the creative teams. Her expertise extends to monitoring social conversations using cutting-edge technology and providing response recommendations, keeping clients at the forefront of industry trends.


  • Bachelor’s Degree, California Lutheran University