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Account Executive - Natalie Mansergh

Natalie Mansergh
Account Executive

As a Project Manager, Natalie Mansergh has become a leader in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion outreach tactics, creating programs that are inclusive of underrepresented populations. She develops and implements public participation plans and community engagement strategies across multiple platforms – in person, event related and online using both written and electronic communication tools to provide clients with relevant and accurate public input. Natalie leads her teams and brings strategic support to guide the program’s outreach and engagement efforts to ensure that stakeholders and organizations are receiving information and giving input.  

Natalie also leads on media campaigns, and is laser focused on the synthesis of data and optimization of media across all formats to enhance results and yield growth for client campaigns. She develops unique reports, where key performance metrics are analyzed to evaluate the current state of a campaign, as well as finding critical optimizations to execute. 

Natalie received her Bachelor’s from California Lutheran University.