Butterfli Technologies, Inc.
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The Client

Butterfli Technologies, Inc. partnered with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority's Access for All (AFA) program to revolutionize on-demand wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) services in LA County. Focused on offering equitable transportation options, Butterfli targeted individuals with mobility barriers, aiming to establish a reliable, inclusive service across various LA communities. Their mission was to make every corner of the county accessible to everyone, changing the narrative around mobility for the disabled and elderly.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to introduce and solidify Butterfli as a premier accessible transportation provider in a competitive market. This required not only the development of a strong brand identity but also the establishment of significant community connections to ensure the services reached and resonated with the intended audience. It was crucial to overcome the conventional transportation barriers and misconceptions, ensuring Butterfli's services were not just seen as another option, but as a community necessity.

The Strategy

Lee Andrews Group was brought on board to orchestrate a multifaceted campaign encompassing branding, communications, and community engagement. By forging a compelling brand identity and leveraging multi-channel marketing tactics, the group aimed to spotlight Butterfli’s unique services. Additionally, through strategic partnerships and community engagement plans, the campaign sought to embed Butterfli into the fabric of daily community life. Their strategy was deeply rooted in understanding the community's pulse, enabling them to tailor the campaign to address the specific needs and preferences of the target audience.

The Outcome

The collaboration led to remarkable achievements: a comprehensive branding and digital presence, the launch of a user-centric website, and impactful marketing materials in multiple languages. These efforts culminated in a successful launch, with Butterfli executing hundreds of rides in its initial phase and establishing vital community partnerships, thereby setting a new standard for accessible transportation in LA County. The campaign not only elevated Butterfli's brand presence but also significantly enhanced the daily mobility and lifestyle experiences of countless individuals, reinforcing the brand's commitment to creating a more inclusive, accessible community.


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