Southern California Gas Company
Public Outreach | Facilitation | Communications
The Client

SoCalGas is the nation's largest natural gas distribution utility that delivers clean, safe and reliable energy to 21.1 million consumers in more than 500 communities throughout California. The project - Angeles Link Project – it can help position California to receive federal funding through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which is providing $8 billion to fund the development of four regional clean hydrogen hubs. Angeles Link can help decarbonize the state’s and the Los Angeles Basin’s energy use by providing a clean energy alternative to hard-to-electrify industries, electric generation, and the heavy-duty transportation sector, and by decreasing the reliance on natural gas in the Los Angeles Basin

The Challenge

To establish a Community Based Organization Stakeholder Group (CBOSG) to engage with stakeholders to receive technical advice and to collaborate on Project design and development.

The Strategy

Lee Andrews Group conducted a thorough analysis and outreach to identify relevant CBOs in Southern California that align with SoCalGas's goals and areas of interest. We looked for organizations focused on environmental issues, energy, sustainability, community development, and social justice. Lee Andrews Group defined the specific objectives of forming a stakeholder group, such as fostering open communication channels, gathering input, addressing community concerns, and collaborating on sustainable solutions. We set up regular communication channels to maintain ongoing dialogue with the CBO stakeholders.

The Outcome

Lee Andrews Group was successful in developing a diverse list of CBOs to develop the stakeholder group. We tracked the growth in the number of organizations involved over time to assess the success of the outreach strategy. We gained a number of recommendations that were adopted or implemented as a result of stakeholder group discussions.

Statewide community partners made

Increased participation

Administered CCI Program

Enhanced communication channels

Pilot Program achieved

Community satisfaction

Analysis and lessons learned 
report to State of California

Increased community awareness

Analysis and lessons learned 
report to State of California

Positive media coverage