Bilingual Senior Account Associate/Event Producer- Rosalba González

Rosalba González
Bilingual Senior Account Associate/Event Producer

Position: Bilingual Senior Account Associate/Event Producer

Responsibilities: Rosalba's impressive portfolio includes staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital landscape by embracing the latest platforms and techniques for hybrid, virtual, and large-scale events. She has demonstrated her ability to seamlessly navigate the challenges of the digital era, adapting her strategies to accommodate the demands of an ever-changing environment.

Rosalba Gonzáles, serving as an Event Producer for Lee Andrews Group, undertakes a pivotal role in orchestrating public outreach initiatives across sectors such as transportation, infrastructure, government, environmental justice, and energy.

Her responsibilities are rooted in the principles of the CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) process ensuring environmental compliance but also for building community trust and support for projects by making the process transparent and inclusive.

Rosalba is also skilled at coordinating with project teams to enhance their events with cutting-edge technology, innovative presentation techniques, improved attendance strategies, and the inclusion of impactful speakers when necessary. Through her expertise, Rosalba ensures that these forums effectively engage community members, government officials, and industry experts, fostering a comprehensive dialogue and consideration of diverse perspectives in the project decision-making process.

Professional Expertise: Her skill set is especially valuable in orchestrating events that resonate with diverse audiences, ensuring that outreach and event construction are not only inclusive but also reflective of the communities the projects serve. Rosalba's approach is characterized by her deep cultural insight and a dedication to creating spaces where accessibility and inclusivity are not just considered, but are central to the experience.


  • Bachelor of Arts: Mount Holyoke University