Lee Andrews Group


Video Coordinator/Account Associate
Shahrad Arjomandi

Shahrad Arjomandi produces and provides a variety of videos to showcase client projects.  These videos inform Lee Andrews Group’s projects about project news, issues, programs, events and encourage stakeholder involvement.  Videos are featured on websites, digital exhibits, intranet sites, social media, press releases, events, e-blasts, newsletters and other marketing and promotional purposes.

Shahrad generates film-quality promotional shorts, video news releases, high-quality commercials, curation of digital art, videos that are web-related, education-related, community-related, infrastructure-related, social media, aerial and motion graphics.

Shahrad received his B.A. in Broadcasting and Electronic Communications Arts from San Francisco State University. 


The business of business can no longer just be business. Everything is now personal; the business of business is therefore society. Mission and margin, profit and principle, success and significance are now inextricably linked. In the fused world, how we behave, how we operate, how we govern, and how we relate to people and communities matters more than ever. Going forward, businesses are going to compete on trust, on responsibility, and on creating and maintaining deep relationships with their stakeholders rooted in shared truths and values.

Stephanie Graves, CEO and President