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Ricardo Medoza | Vice President

Ricardo Mendoza

Ricardo Mendoza is Lee Andrews Group’s Vice President. Ricardo brings more than 15 years of experience in project management, stakeholder engagement, strategic communications, marketing, public policy, and government relations.  Ricardo also brings years of experience with local governments throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles City and County, helping develop next-generation public affairs strategies, messaging, media, communications, and community outreach for a comprehensive approach to winning positive outcomes for clients.

Ricardo has extensive experience working with local, state and federal elected officials to engage diverse communities on complicated policy related issues and on major development projects. Ricardo is skilled at blending client insight with cultural relevance and industry best practices to create outreach and relations’ programs. Ricardo develops and administers tailored stakeholder engagement programs from initial stages to project completion. He is accustomed to working with a variety of partners including senior government officials, elected officials, business leaders, grassroots community leaders and the community-at-large

Prior to joining Lee Andrews Group, Ricardo worked in the City of Los Angeles and for Members of Congress that have represented the downtown Los Angeles community and several cities across Southeast Los Angeles County.

Ricardo graduated from UCLA and received his MPA in Leadership and Management from California State University, Northridge.   He is  on the boards at Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD) and the Tom & Ethel Bradley Foundation.  Ricardo is fluent in Spanish.

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