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Founded 1993
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The Lee Andrews Group company is a result of wanting to bring together talent and creative individuals around what I consider serious public policy issues. The company represents the things I’m interested in; mainly the environment, how government and business intersect, and infrastructure and transportation development. These are things that really have the most important impact on communities, processes, and how people live every day.

Stephanie Graves, CEO and President


Stephanie Graves is the CEO and President of the Lee Andrews Group.  Since 2013 Stephanie has helped guide the growth and direction of the firm.  In addition to her management responsibilities, she personally consults and strategizes with all her clients on public affairs, public relations, multi-media communications, managing key stakeholder relationships, crisis communication, government relations and creating community integration opportunities. 

Prior to Lee Andrews Group Stephanie had consulted for government officials and candidates.  She has played a significant role in many California local, state and federal campaigns for over 15 years.  Her experience and core qualifications in public affairs spans over almost two decades in California politics including her leadership, innovation in strategic thinking, positioning, planning and communications. 

Stephanie graduated USC with both her BS and JD.  She sits on the boards of the Central City Association of Los Angeles, Global Land Use & Economic Council and Vision to Learn. Stephanie and her daughter live in Newport Beach while her fiancée – a JAG in the United States Navy is on active duty.

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