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“The business of business can no longer just be business. Everything is now personal; the business of business is therefore society. Mission and margin, profit and principle, success and significance are now inextricably linked. In the fused world, how we behave, how we operate, how we govern, and how we relate to people and communities matters more than ever. Going forward, businesses are going to compete on trust, on responsibility, and on creating and maintaining deep relationships with their stakeholders rooted in shared truths and values.”

Stephanie Graves, CEO and President


Stephanie Graves is currently CEO and President of the Lee Andrews Group.  Since 2013 Stephanie has helped guide the growth and direction of the firm.  Stephanie has tripled employment in the firm and has a proven executive management track record.  In addition to her management responsibilities, she personally consults and strategizes with all her clients on public affairs, public relations, communications, managing key stakeholder relationships, crisis communication, media and government relations.   

Prior to Lee Andrews Group, Stephanie spent 20 years consulting for government officials and candidates in strategy, communications and fundraising.  She played a significant role in many California local, state and federal campaigns.    

Stephanie sits on the boards of the Central City Association of Los Angeles as Board Chair, Vision to Learn and Step Up Tutoring.  Stephanie also serves on the board of the Steinberg Institute, a Sacramento based organization that seeks to raise the profile and increase the effectiveness of mental health policy-making in California. Stephanie graduated USC with both her BS and JD.  

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