Vice President of Community Affairs - Joseph Legaspi

Joseph Legaspi
Vice President

Joseph ("Joey") Legaspi is a seasoned professional in the field of public affairs, currently serving as the Vice President of Community Affairs at Lee Andrews Group. With close to two decades of experience in public affairs, Joey has honed his expertise in various areas, including project management, strategic communications, government relations, media, and community engagement. Prior to joining Lee Andrews Group, Joey held the position of Director of External Affairs for one of Southern California's largest water districts, where he made a significant impact on community development and outreach.

Joey's impressive educational background includes a Master's degree in communications management from University of Southern California. His passion for community affairs has driven him to work in underutilized and disadvantaged communities, where he has pioneered bilingual communications programs and cultivated awareness of projects and programs throughout Los Angeles County. His fluency in Spanish further enables him to effectively connect with diverse communities and bridge cultural gaps.

Throughout his career, Joey has consistently demonstrated a profound dedication to amplifying the voices of marginalized groups and ensuring their input in decision-making processes. His strategic approach to community engagement has proven instrumental in fostering collaborative partnerships and nurturing strong relationships between organizations and the communities they serve. As the Vice President of Community Affairs, Joey Legaspi brings invaluable insights, a wealth of experience, and an unwavering commitment to social justice to the Lee Andrews Group. His leadership and expertise continue to drive positive change and create meaningful impact within the realm of public affairs.